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Rise Construction has done several projects for us – including a Motor Home garage, front door, and Total renovation of a rental house. Great honest people that do an outstanding job. Highly Recommend!!!! Thanks Charlie, Morgan, and Susie!!!!!!  

Dale Hopler Brickhouse

Rise Construction Company has been improving homes in the Citrus County area since 1984 by providing high quality kitchen & bathroom refinishing and custom home remodeling services. We work with homeowners on their schedules to avoid interrupting their day-to-day lives. From initial consult to final inspection, our top priority will always be your satisfaction.

Our clients love us for our:

  • Quality of Work
  • Efficiency
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Team of Experienced Professionals
  • Our Custom Home Building and Remodeling Process

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Our home is well on it's way and everything has been just as agreed. Cannot say enough about what a pleasure it is working with Suzie. If you are considering building, you would be doing yourself a favor to sit down and chat with this builder.
Vickey Anderson
Top notch guys to work with that do quality work. They have a very qualified group of subs that help greatly in the process. They've done a large out building and a kitchen remodel that have both turned out great. We will always go to Rise Construction when we have a project we want done correctly.
Cremer Steve P
Rise Constitution has done several projects for us from a new front door, motor home garage, to a complete restoration of a rental property. Great honest people that do an outstanding job. Highly recommend.
Dale Brickhouse

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In Rise Construction, you always get the best services from Initial Stage to the Final Stage. We will personally oversee your project from design to done.

The Quality of Our Work is Unparalleled in Citrus County Area

Excellent commitment to detail. Superior quality and craftsmanship. I've seen a lot of builders through the years, and Charlie stands out among the others.
William Frisbie
Amazing custom homebuilder. Very reasonably priced. Quality craftsmanship.
Mike Local
Great guys to work with. They've done a large out building and a kitchen remodel for us and both have turned out great. Always do excellent work and have a great group of subs that they work with. We will always go to Charlie and Morgan when we have a project that needs to be completed correctly.
Steve Cremer
Professional, prompt, and great craftsmanship. Nothing but the best!
Scott O'Steen
He's perfect! Has such a great talent! Ambition and he's a perfectionist!
Brittany Lea Bullock

Charlie built our house entire house in 2006-2007. He built it on our spare (thickly wooded) lot next door. We moved in January ’07. So, now our home is well into it’s 2nd decade. At the end of 2006, we were in a huge recession, and rather than having a dozen houses going up in the highlands, like any other given time, there were very few construction jobs at all. Those who lived through it, remember – builders were just trying to “hold on” to their businesses. I met a lot of builders leading up to my decision. By the time I met Charlie, I knew what I wanted and how much I wanted to pay. Charlie was all-in. He had just finished working on a beautiful new house, deep into the highlands for me to see, and we signed an agreement.
Now on it’s 13th year, the only things I’ve needed to fix is the occasional toilet stuff (which I chose) that we all have to deal with, one nail pop that I recovered with spackle, and our huge Trane AC drain has gunked up with green junk (use larger diameter than 3/4 maybe?) more than once because you need to poor a cap-full of bleach in it monthly (who knew.)
None of the things that have happened in the house ever caused me to think of the builder. Rise built one heck of a solid home. The driveway cracked, but you can’t put enough expansion cuts on driveways down here – sandy soil. And one drywall “nail-pop” is amazing when you consider the thousands of nails used on drywall.
He put in plant shelving, rounded corner molding in every room, granite everywhere even our book shelves & bathrooms, and even the garage is “finised.”
He’s been in the business literally his whole life. I think his dad was a builder, and handed Charlie a hammer at birth. He took contractor classes, or something, and became a contractor… anyway, he has a family member who is a draftsperson, so getting engineered house drawings was easy. She’s in town, so an easy visit. I didn’t want a pool, but he has a buddy that puts those in, if you need one.
The one word I’d use for him and his family would be, Integrity. Besides, you’ll like them. They’re just nice people.

John Short, Inverness

We had envisioned our home in our mind for a very long time. We looked at so many homes and plans. Everything we looked at just was not what we wanted. We met with Rise Construction and talked with them about what we were looking for. They had the perfect layout called The Sunshine. We took one look and knew it was exactly what we wanted. They took our dreams and really brought them to life! They listen to what you want and do everything to make it happen and ensure their customers are happy. They give you many options and details to choose from. They communicate throughout the entire build. We are so very HAPPY in our Rise Construction built “forever” HOME.

Amy Cole

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